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work at home

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I work at home - which has advantages and drawbacks.

Ivory Tower or Padded Cell? It changes from day to day...

My studio windows looks out over a leafy street with lots of people passing by. On most days there is a brooding sky outside with a chance of rain... this is Seattle after all.

Real art desk & digital art desk

I draw the rough sketches on real paper with a light box. Then scan the lines into Photoshop and add color and textures.

I use pencils of all sorts, artpens, fountain pens with all kinds of inks... whatever works. Then I scan that into Photoshop and mix in all kinds of effects with the Cintiq tablet before a page is done.

The other side of my studio is digital, where the MacPro is a lifeline to my world.

I think Adobe Creative Suite and digital tools easily increase my productivity by 50%. My favorite programs are Photoshop, Indesign and Bridge.

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the real materials studio desk

the real materials studio desk

the digital studio desk

the digital studio desk

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The Cintiq changes everything

Now I have two digital screens, but I only use one at a time. The Cintiq is used most often, since it can do everything, from writing a story in Word to painting.

Home-made cupboards work to hold art tools and paper

Home-made cupboards work to hold art tools and paper

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The studio cat…

odds & ends

My homemade studio cupboard... the latest in modern plywood design.

It's a little plain, but it works great. There's a hodgepodge of art supplies in the upper shelves.

The lower shelves hold big sheets of watercolor paper. I'm never quite sure what's in there. Art-junk from years past… but I keep it anyhow.

I can't draw or paint without music. But it has to be quiet when I write... so I often go days without any music at all.

And don't forget the studio cat. Here she is pondering the mystery of life... striking picturesque poses all day long.

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And last of all the artiste. Here I am soaking up a little inspiration overlooking picturesque Puget Sound.